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eBay enables sale of more than 800 million products, with 11 million search instances every hour across the world. The total number of sellers on eBay is 25 million and when you sell on eBay, you are one of those people around the world.

In 2019, approximately $112.95 billion dollars processed by eBay’s sellers and customers on sales. eBay provide a wide range of services to sellers, using that you can enhance your offerings, including the Global Shipping program that can easily ship goods to abroad without require your own international shipping agreements or having knowledge of customs.


Sten Digital Marketing Agency will be the partner for all your eBay Marketplace needs.


Listing New Products in eBay:

High-Quality & High-Impact listings for your eBay inventory can expressly enhance your chances of catching the absorption of your eBay buyers. Sten Digital Marketing Agency has expert eBay product upload professionals to prepare your product listings for sale at eBay. Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency can create listings for products that is already cataloged on the eBay site in addition to listing completely new items by using Spreadsheet or CSV feeds for bulk uploads and managing product listings. Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency can list your items either at a Fixed Price or set up an Auction. We are adept in using Listing Software, such as:

Turbo Lister




Categorizing Products in eBay:

Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency aid you to methodize the products in your eBay catalog by allocating category, subcategory and type to the listing. We help you add, edit, eliminate and reorganize categories and eventually set the products to your catalog as per the category mappings.

eBay Search Engine (Cassini) Optimization:

Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency prepare optimized eBay listings according to eBay Search Engine (Cassini) guidelines to assure that your listings show up in specialized, accurate searches in eBay.

Tracking Competitor Prices:

To assure that you are selling your products at a competitive rate, we keep an eye on your competitors’ prices and also keep you posted in real-time update to help you re-adjust your products to stay on top in both fixed-price and auction listings.

Other eBay Services:

Sten Digital Marketing Agency can help you make the most of the services available, and avoid the ones that won’t contribute to your success. We offer the following services:

Seller Dashboard Training

Order Management

Customer Service

Shipment Management

Marketing and Promotion

eBay Store Management

eBay Account Standard Management

Drop Shipping

Custom Solution

Need a helping hand for managing your eBay store? No problem. Just let us know and we’ll assign a perfect manager for you.


We strongly believe that each business has specific needs and should be specifically catered with unique solution according to the business and industry requirements. Our team includes dedicated experts of various trend & technology for eBay Marketplace, who come together for solutions based on clients needs.

MultiChannel eCommerce Software:

In the early years, eCommerce was fairly simple. But eCommerce grew. Quickly, It became more complex, more fragmented, more crowded and more competitive. We know, because we were there. And now, more channels, more devices, more countries and more consumers are changing the landscape every day.

Sten Digital Marketing Agency help retailers and branded manufacturers manage more listings, inventory, order, shipping, and many more to reach more consumers and sell more products than ever before. Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency are skilled to perform and accomplish these task using the trend technologies like Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor, Solid Commerce, Sellbrite, Ecomdash and many more as per client’s need.

Research & Analytics:

Researching competition and tracking Ebay metrics is a manual process and takes up a lot of time. Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency will reduce your time by using Research & Analytics tool like Listing Analytics, Terpeak, Marketplace Analyzer, etc.

Search Term Tools:

Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency are skilled to use Keyword/Search Term tools like Terapeak SEO, Keyword Tool Dominator, and many more to show your eBay Listing to more potential buyers and boost sales on the eBay Online Marketplace.


Repricer is an intelligent repricing platform that helps online merchants capture more sales by keeping their prices competitive at all time. Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency know how to use the Repricer like Price Spectre, Seller Dynamics in a productive way.

Shipping Software:

Shipping software like ShipStation, ShipWorks, ShippingEasy are designed to save time and money on eCommerce Fulfillment and Shipping. Experts at Sten Digital Marketing Agency knows how to integrate multichannel eCommerce software with shipping software and how to use separately.


Sten Digital Marketing Agency Dedicated Designer team uses Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and many more to make your product image more optimized and unique.

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