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Amazon’s marketing landscape is constantly changing — We keep our Amazon marketing strategy overview continuously updated.
Amazon is steadily expanding its lead in e-commerce. More and more manufacturers and sellers offer their products via Amazon to benefit from this vast sales potential. The rising competition forces salespeople to engage more intensively with Amazon marketing channels.

We help sellers and vendors develop an Amazon marketing strategy. In this comprehensive overview, we describe the many different ways to conduct Amazon marketing and discuss the differences in marketing between sellers and vendors.

There are three general categories for marketing methods with Amazon:

  1. Amazon SEO: Optimizing keywords and the performance of a product or a product page to improve the organic ranking in the Amazon search. Most Amazon SEO measures are free of charge (Non-Paid). Amazon SEO takes place on the Amazon platform (On-Amazon).
  2. Amazon Advertising: Various Amazon advertising formats and promotions to endorse brands or individual products. Advertisement on Amazon is usually subject to a fee (Paid). Depending on the format, advertising takes place directly on Amazon or other websites or platforms (On- and Off-Amazon, respectively).
  3. External Amazon Marketing: Paid and Non-Paid formats that are not offered directly by the platform and are conducted through external channels (Off-Amazon).

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